In compliance with Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), we inform you that the personal data requested will be included in the corresponding file, being responsible for it Bubbi Charter, SL. not be disclosed to third parties.

2 - BUBBI CHARTER, SL. reserves the right to update the contents of the website and remove, restrict and prevent access, either temporarily or permanently, without notice.
Bubbi Charter, SL. reserves the right to modify at any time the offers on products or prices specified in the website.
Bubbi Charter, SL. only be liable for the failures that occurred in the booking platform, provided they prevent the enjoyment of the service.
All prices stated on the website Bubbi Charter, SL. include value added tax (VAT).
The customer shall not exceed the authorized number of persons on board the rented boat.

The vessels will be delivered from 10 in the morning and returned at 7 pm at the home port of Mahon, in día. Delivered at 10h. to 12h. in the morning and returned before 7 pm on end of contract, on vacation several days or weeks. After 24 hours from the scheduled time of the return without it has taken effect, and no news of the lessee, or boat crew, the lessor will search notifying maritime authorities are accurate. All expenses arising there from shall be borne by the lessee
these guidelines are general, but may be subject to change as required.

You pay 50% at the time of booking of the boat and the other 50% before shipment.
Payments will be made by bank transfer, credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or cash.

are included in the price of this contract:
The Berth base, VAT, final cleaning of the boat.
Not included are the expenses: Fuel (the boat is full of fuel delivered and if possible the client will return full, if not possible, pay the missing liters to fill the tank), other optional extras that the customer wants to rent, mooring in other ports or marinas and overall material costs and maintenance of the ship during the lease are of sole responsibility of the tenant, not being included .in the rental price

6 - BOND:
The day of shipment delivered to the tenant the security company indicated on the schedule, which will respond with cancellations, failure, breakage, damage, theft, delay in the return of the boat, differences in inventory and equipment, compensation, misuse, neglect and penalties of any kind agreed in this contract or any consequences arising out of compliance. This is without prejudice to any legal action that was coming to claim amounts that exceeded that of the bond. The boat returned in a timely fashion, made the "checkout" under and complied with by the lessee all the duties that arise from what was agreed in the contract, the deposit will be returned in the "checkout". In the event of discrepancies between the parties on the terms of repayment of the boat and inventoried, the deposit will be returned upon completion of the dispute arising. The lessor shall not be liable for any damages or losses that may occur in the personal property of passengers that may occur during the lease term.

The vessel under this contract is covered by the relevant insurance policy, forcing the tenant to take the measures required to act in accordance with the obligations contained therein, to be, where appropriate, solely responsible of the consequences of these obligations.

The duration of the lease prevented the particular conditions of this contract may not be varied or altered without permission of the lessor.

If the tenant made the cancellation before shipment will lose all of the amounts paid to the lessor, regardless of amount. In case of cancellation due to personal reasons, will be returned:
90% of the amount, leaving the other 10% to the rental company in administrative expenses.

In the event that the client enters into without qualification, the client must send, with a month before the expected date of delivery of the vessel, a copy of the title or permit and ID or passport of the person who performed the duties of skipper of the boat, all for the purpose of obtaining the approval of the title by the related authorities.
If the documentation is not authorized by the government of the vessel or not credit sufficient and necessary expertise, will terminate the contract being automatically sums paid to date by way of damages, in power the lessor.

The navigation area as stipulated in the special conditions of this contract likewise limited to the powers granted the title of patron submitted. The breach of this obligation will involve the automatic termination of the contract with the loss of money given to the effect and all irrespective of the payment of expenses and liabilities that may arise such misuse.

The tenant responds to all acts of the persons named in the passenger list, which may not exceed in any case the maximum capacity of the boat. It is forbidden to use the boat for transport of goods, travelers than those listed in the previous point, the shipment of weapons, animals, drugs or any toxic or hazardous substance.
The lessee is obliged to use the boat exclusively as tourist or recreational charter so that in no case can use it to trade operations, commercial fishing, transportation, sporting events, and any other incompatible with the destination of the ship.
The lessee and solely responsible for the vessel during the lease will use it responsibly obeying the rules of the authorities with powers to effect, being solely and exclusively responsible for the consequences that will flow from the breach thereof.

The Tenant agrees to immediately report any incident to the lessor and immediately convey any letters, citations or notices that refer to this incident and to provide full cooperation to the lessor and the Insurer in the investigation and defense of any claims and process.
At the time of the accident or incident shall take the following measures:
No liability or guilt recognize the fact, except for the "drafting of an accident."
Get full details of the party, make the "drafting of an accident" or "Part of Loss", witnesses, together with details of the accident shall immediately forward to the lessor telephone warning in case of a major accident.
Immediately notify the authorities if the defendant's guilt.
Do not leave the boat without taking suitable measures to protect and safeguard it.
In case of default by the lessee of any of these measures, if applicable, the less or may require the lessee damages caused by negligence.

14 - THEFT:
In case of theft of the boat, the lessee is required to submit an allegation of fact to the competent authority, and hand it to the less or.

15 - CLAIMS:
Any claim you want to make the tenant must be in writing at the time of the return of the boat at the end of the contract. Not possible to do it in writing at that time, he warned verbally and have a period of fifteen days to submit the complaint in writing.
For the resolution of any dispute arising from this contract the parties submit to the administrative authorities and courts of Palma de Mallorca governed the relationship between them by Spanish law.
Mahon base.